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Home is you


Dziś mój debiut na blogu Finnabair :)
Zapraszam do podejrzenia, 
co dla Was przygotowałam.

For my first post for Finnabair I wanted to express myself 
in my favoite art journaling style, however I had an idea 
to do it on a different base than a paper journal page. 
Quite a challenge, wouldn't you say? ;)
So here's my project which is not 
quite a traditional art journal.
I took two wooden houses and decided 
to create a little story on them.
I don't want to reveal the whole story I had in mind. 
I like to leave some room for interpretation for everyone 
looking at my art and let all of you imagine your own
 stories. It's great to leave some space for creativity 
and not necessarily say it all loud.

You can watch the whole process, 
cause I prepared a video for you, I hope you enjoy it!
Let me know if you have any questions
 and let me know you liked my first project,
 I'm here for you!

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